Benji Galloway



BIO: Benji Galloway, age 33 who resides in Vancouver, Washington has been skating for 26 years. "As a young kid I was drawn to a skateboard every time I saw one, it was like a tractor beam. "At the age of 8 I saved change, (from) cutting the grass and bought one (skateboard) at the Roses Department Store. My favorite spot to skate is at Pier Park in Portland. I am an all Terrain Vehicle; I’ll skate Parking Curbs, Vert Ramps and everything in between, to me skating is all about being adaptable.

SKATE SET–UP: "Bacon ‘Benji" (8.125 x 14.5) with Origin "Session Killer Trucks", equipped with "BITCH RED BUSHINGS", type S Wheels (54mm), 1/4in Risers, "Bacon Bits" hardware, and "Jessup Tape".

FUTURE PLANS: Skate Hard & Skate Fast !!!

Galloway in action!
Ruben Najera



AGE: 26


BIO: Ruben Najera is a professional skateboarder that has starred in numerous skateboarding videos,music videos, television shows, and movies. He has graced the cover of skate magazines, and claims skateboarding saved his life. His passion for skateboarding is infinite and he puts 110% to everything he does! Born and raised in El Centro, Ca which is a small city in the Imperial Valley, Ruben was determined to be the first from his hometown to make it professionally in skateboarding and succeeded through his unlimited perseverance and determination. Ruben is constantly touring, shooting photos, getting video clips or filming for his latest skateboard part. He is a complete skateboard fiend and is always welcoming of fans and fellow skateboarders to join him in a skateboarding session. If you see him around don't be afraid to say hello to one of the coolest, friendliest, and determined skateboarders on the planet!

PRODUCTS: You can find Ruben in stores throughout the world with his own PowerBar box and signature skateboard line by Struggle skateboards, as well as other signature products from his sponsors sold in stores throughout the world.

CURRENT SPONSORS: Khiro Skateboard Products · Struggle Skateboards · Powerbar · Snuggbuds Headphones · Power Balance · Peter Grimm Headwear · Scoff Skate Laces · Driscolls Skateshop · Filtrate Eyewear · Epic Cameras · Gripgum · Airspeed Footwear · S–One Helmets · Game On · Taildevils · Six Starz Clothing.

Najera in action!
Tyler Hawkins


BIO: Tyler Hawkins is one sick individual. Underrated and underground, he is mostly known in areas of the skateboard world where none of the "pretty–boy" magazine whores hangout looking for coverage. This young soldier has mad skills WAY beyond his 19 years. Some know him as the big brother of one of the world’s best vert girl skaters, Lyn–Z Adams–Hawkins, and still others know him as a HARDCORE member of the "MORE 4 LESS" crew.

RESIDENCE: Encinitas, CA

INTERESTS: Tyler enjoys drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and livin LARGE! SkateboARDING...drinking, smoken, ipods, New Castle, ibook g4s, Skateboarding, mini ramps, fights, backsmiths, big chillen, briggs house, MORE-4-LESS, NJC (peace the fuck out), 4 footers, thank you b.miller, MARLBORO REDS, sex, music, Jack Daniels, Fake ids, drinking some more, getting the spins, skateboarding, side kick IIs, throwing dice...mole rips, pole jams, girls girls girls...and more girls!

Aaron Lopez


BIO: Aaron was born on October 28, 1987. He is 19 years old, and is about 5’ 7" tall. He has been skating for four years. He loves to skate all terrain, especially street. Aaron is very consistent with his skateboarding and says ‘consistency makes a good skateboarder great.’

CONTESTS: He has always received either first or second place in every contest he has been in. He won first place at the AF contest with a Front Side Blunt Slide down the nine ledge and a Front Side Flip over the hand rail.

RESIDENCE: He learned to skate while living in Utah, but now lives in Kailua Kona, Hawaii and skates for Lava Skate Shop.

FAVORITE SKATERS: Paul Rodriguez and Daewon Song.

INTERESTS: Guitar, Art, Surfing, Hiking, Rock Climbing, the color red, Nature, Wildlife, and hanging out with his friends. His favorite food is Mexican food.

SKATE SET–UP: Aaron usually rides "Venture" trucks. 52mm "Bones" wheels, "Bones" bearings, size 7/8 or 8 decks. He prefers "Ipath" shoes, and "Nike".

THANKS GIVEN TO: He would like to thank every one that has supported him with skating, and his family, friends, (especially) p-town kids, Ryan Fullmer, Ryan Blohm, The Decline Skate Shop, Lava Skate Shop (Kona, Hawaii), Ryan Fullmer and Ryan Blohm helped me out so much!

Aaron Lopez
Dylan Jones



BIO: "My name is Dylan Jones and I’ve been skating for over 9 years. Over the years I’ve tried skating everything imaginable, from street, to parks, to Ditches, and everything in between. Even after all these years of skating, I still love it as much as I did, when I first started.

FAVORITE SKATERS: Zarosh, Matt Hensley, Duane Peters, Kristian Svitak, Jeremy Wray, Kris Markovich, Darryl Grogan and Pontus Alv.

FAVORITE MUSIC: I also love all styles of music, but some of my favorite bands include: Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Brains, Fugazi, Minor threat, Dinosaur Jr, The Misfits, Blitzkid, Danzig, Graveyard, Witchcraft, and many others.

RESIDENCE: "I Currently live in Central Texas, and Work at a local Skate shop. Skateboarding is my life!"

CURRENT SPONSERS: "District Skate Shop", "Khiro Skateboard Products", "Never Again Wheels & Clothing", and "Airspeed Footwear".